Blockchain vs Bitcoin The blockchain vs bitcoin. Bitcoin is a fascinating and profound innovation, however, I think that the underlying blockchain technology that powers bitcoin is actually more interesting, and wider reaching, than bitcoin itself. Let me explain. What is the blockchain? The blockchain is difficult to explain and it is quite often described using very extremely technical […]

Digital friction is an important concept in a digital business because it is a key factor for goal completion. Your digital channel / service / product / ecosystem can be tuned by including or removing friction. (There are certain cases where friction is actually important.) Being frictionless is about making interactions as simple and efficient as possible by removing impediments […]

Create value for your customers first In a digital business, switching costs are generally low (some might say frictionless) and the barriers to entry are also generally low. It really only takes a credit card and an Amazon account to bootstrap a new digital business that could, in theory, scale globally. This is changing the economics of […]

Medium vs WordPress What should I do about Medium vs WordPress? To Medium, or not to Medium? I have been watching and looking at Medium for about a 18 months to see whether or not … a) I should be using Medium instead of my WordPress blog, b) cross-posting to both my WordPress blog & Medium, […]

Given how fast paced and diverse the SXSW Interactive conference is – it’s difficult (almost impossible) to write a retrospective blog – especially considering there are 3,000 submitted sessions and it’s only feasible to make it to about 20-30. I thought it better to just include some snippets.   The SXSW Interactive 2015 snippets In no […]

The Internet of Things in Australia The Internet of Things is everywhere. Literally… so what are some examples coming from the Land Down Under? What is happening with The Internet of Things in Australia? I have been compiling a local version of the Deloitte Technology Trends report on Ambient Computing for 2015 and researching examples where […]

WordPress has the ability to grow with your digital publishing requirements. It can be used anywhere from a small site that is hosted on the, to a self-hosted site on a pre-configured environment, all the way  to a multi-site, continuous integration website, like re/code. My use of WordPress has similarly grown. I started with […]

Adobe Symposium 2014 I presented a keynote at the Adobe Symposium 2014 #AdobeSymp earlier this year on 22 July 2014 about how “Digital disruption can be a positive experience“. Below is a video extract of this presentation.   Adobe Symposium 2014 Video See below for a video extract of the presentation.   Slideshare The SlideShare […]