The Internet of Things in Australia The Internet of Things is everywhere. Literally… so what are some examples coming from the Land Down Under? What is happening with The Internet of Things in Australia? I have been compiling a local version of the Deloitte Technology Trends report on Ambient Computing¬†for 2015 and researching examples where […]

Sometimes we miss the obvious. When reporting web statistics, how many of us forget to exclude (or at least designate) our own internal traffic? Google Analytics tracks the behaviour of any browser that has cookies and JavaScript enabled. It’s therefore pretty important to isolate the browsing habits of you, your team and your agency (if […]

One of my pet gripes is the prevalence of Automated Task Killers for Android. In my view they do more harm than good. This is because¬†Android memory management works a little differently to what people would expect. Looking through the Google Play store, there is a proliferation of power managers, task killers, task managers, battery […]

I found a neat trick the other day to embed YouTube videos into PowerPoint 2010 presentations. This also works with other FLV videos, such as TED, Vimeo, etc. I’d been having trouble with using the “Embed code into Video from Website” option as Windows Media Player didn’t seem to like FLV. I’m not really sure […]

My iPhone 4’s square button started to give up a few months ago… so I decided it was time for a new phone. The button had been slowly degrading for a while and even the trick of closing all the unused apps didn’t seem to be working any longer. And… don’t get me started about […]