Medium vs WordPress What should I do about Medium vs WordPress? To Medium, or not to Medium? I have been watching and looking at Medium for about a 18 months to see whether or not … a) I should be using Medium instead of my WordPress blog, b) cross-posting to both my WordPress blog & Medium, […]

WordPress has the ability to grow with your digital publishing requirements. It can be used anywhere from a small site that is hosted on the, to a self-hosted site on a pre-configured environment, all the way  to a multi-site, continuous integration website, like re/code. My use of WordPress has similarly grown. I started with […]

WordPress Bootstrap theme I’ve updated the design of my site using a WordPress Bootstrap theme. My new layout & design is based on a Twitter Bootstrap framework plus underscores WordPress starter theme called _tk by ThemeKraft. I’ve been learning about WordPress themes, Twitter bootstrap, CSS and PHP over the past few months so that I […]

WordPress is a fantastic open source Content Management System. However there are some elements of WordPress that aren’t as efficient as they should be. One of these elements is the wp-cron.php file. What is wp-cron.php? wp-cron.php is WordPress’ automated task scheduler. It’s a ‘virtual’ cron job that checks whether there are any activities that need to […]