Create value for your customers first In a digital business, switching costs are generally low (some might say frictionless) and the barriers to entry are also generally low. It really only takes a credit card and an Amazon account to bootstrap a new digital business that could, in theory, scale globally. This is changing the economics of […]

I presented at the RMIT Web Conference today in Melbourne with the somewhat inauspicious title of 2020: The Web’s Apocalyptic Future. I took a fast paced, 2020 view of digital disruption. I highlighted that whilst the word ‘disruption’ generally has a negative connotation, it can also be have a very positive influence. The presentation covered […]

I am quite often asked what are really good digital or emerging technology books to read. Here are the books that I keep pulling off the (virtual) shelf and getting inspiration from (in no particular order). Some of these books have been around since pre-2000 but are still great reads and have more often than not predicted […]

Taking Leadership in a Digital Economy is a joint Deloitte & Telstra whitepaper that I co-authored with Gerd Schenkel, Executive Director Telstra Digital. It has a foreward by David Thodey, CEO Telstra and Giam Swiegers, CEO Deloitte Australia. “Digital transformations facing large corporations are beyond typical planning cycles and most CEO tenures. This makes good timing […]

There has been a subtle, but significant, shift from describing systems as online to digital. I think this is an important distinction in the way we use and think about technology. Online The term “online” was originally coined to indicate a state of connectivity. Primarily this was whether the device in question was connected to […]

I recently presented at an Oracle lunch on digital trends for 2013. I thought I’d convert the salient points from the presentation into a blog entry for people to read /comment about social, mobile and cloud trends. My view is that these trends will, if they’re not already, change the way we use & experience […]