Digital friction is an important concept in a digital business because it is a key factor for goal completion. Your digital channel / service / product / ecosystem can be tuned by including or removing friction. (There are certain cases where friction is actually important.) Being frictionless is about making interactions as simple and efficient as possible by removing impediments […]

Create value for your customers first In a digital business, switching costs are generally low (some might say frictionless) and the barriers to entry are also generally low. It really only takes a credit card and an Amazon account to bootstrap a new digital business that could, in theory, scale globally. This is changing the economics of […]

I am quite often asked what are really good digital or emerging technology books to read. Here are the books that I keep pulling off the (virtual) shelf and getting inspiration from (in no particular order). Some of these books have been around since pre-2000 but are still great reads and have more often than not predicted […]