Taking Leadership in a Digital EconomyTaking Leadership in a Digital Economy is a joint Deloitte & Telstra whitepaper that I co-authored with Gerd Schenkel, Executive Director Telstra Digital. It has a foreward by David Thodey, CEO Telstra and Giam Swiegers, CEO Deloitte Australia.

“Digital transformations facing large corporations are beyond typical planning cycles and most CEO tenures. This makes good timing absolutely critical when it comes to allocating resources effectively.”

“Australian organisations who continue to make the most of their current business model, but also invest in new capabilities and future business models will thrive as our economy becomes ever more digital.”


This whitepaper outlines:

  • How the digitisation of our economy continues at pace
  • The immense disruption that is still ahead
  • It’s not about what you own but what you do
  • Why incumbents should respond
  • How incubmbents


You can download the whitepaper from my site on the Publications page or the Deloitte site here

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