WordPress Bootstrap theme

I’ve updated the design of my site using a WordPress Bootstrap theme. My new layout & design is based on a Twitter Bootstrap framework plus underscores WordPress starter theme called _tk by ThemeKraft. I’ve been learning about WordPress themes, Twitter bootstrap, CSS and PHP over the past few months so that I can customise the layout and content to my liking.

My previous theme was a premium WordPress theme that was really good for my level of knowledge of WordPress – but as per usual – I wanted to get under the hood a little.

The new theme is still a responsive design, as was my previous theme, but more focused on the small screen and ultra minimal layout. My web traffic was increasingly changing to mobile and tablet so thought it was the right time to change to a theme designed for the small screen.

I also have “designed” this directly in HTML and CSS snippets as a bit of a thought experiment as to whether an Agile design processes might just end up as prototypes in HTML. I’m not so sure about that… I think I was a lot slower than I could have been if I’d designed it first, however, part of this was my learning curve about Bootstrap.

I hope you like it. I’m still ironing out some kinks, such as converting some of the images and content to fit the new ultra minimal design. I’ve also got a backlog of things that I want to “design” into the site.

I’ll be making changes and updates over the next few weeks (read: months!)


Here are the references to the technologies that I’m using.

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